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In Technical terms, House of Kolor AP01 Adhereto adhesion promoter is designed to create a bond between a substrate and a coating.  In everyday English, adhesion promoter allows paint to stick to bare metal or plastic.  This is such an important step, and one that is too often skipped.  With the need for car manufacturers to lighten vehicles, plastics are used more than ever on automobiles.  Without this bonding, the topcoat won’t stick and eventually peel or flake off.  And If you’ve ever seen or experienced adhesion failure, then you know how bad it can be.  No one wants to redo a paint job, especially not a custom paint job.

To avoid this, apply AP01 Adhereto anytime you are working on bumpers, plastics, bare metal, aluminum or chrome.  It s easy to use and dries in just minutes.  It is also ready to spray right out of the can with no reduction necessary.

How to use:

Clean the substrate of all contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease and mold release agents with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or House of Kolor KC20 post sanding cleaner.  Make sure you dry the part thoroughly after cleaning.  Next use a red maroon scuff pad to sand the area.  Now your prep work is done and you are ready to apply the adhesion promoter. 


House of Kolor AP01 is clear in color and ready to spray out of the can without the need for any reduction.

Applying the product:

Every promoter is a little different and is therefor applied a little differently.  The proper application for Adhereto is to spray one medium coat.  Something to keep in mind when using adhesion promoters; more is not always better, so follow the specific instructions of the product you are using. 


After Adhereto has dried, you must apply the topcoat immediately, usually within 2-3 minutes, and definitely not longer than 5 minutes (@70F).  If it completely dries, then you have lost the bonding element.  In this case, reapply the adhesin promoter and repeat the steps. 

House of Kolor AP01 Adhereto adhesion promoter s safe to use on virtually any bare metal or automotive plastic, including TPO, Polypropylene and SMC.