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House of Kolor paint has dominated the custom paint world since its founding in 1956. Since this time, one of the lines staple products has been BC01, Orion Solar Gold.  Not only can this combine to make beautiful kandy kolors, but it is a great stand alone product as well.  Like all HOK products, the Glamour Metallic basecoat line is second to none in richness and quality.  It is as captivatingly rich as it is versatile.  Use it as a basecoat beneath a Kandy application, or as a House of Kolor factory pack and simply clear over the top for a clean, vibrant metallic finish.  

Is the ground coat important?

A common mistake I have seen throughout my years in the custom painting industry is people taking shortcuts when it comes to the basecoats applied underneath candy paint jobs.  The obvious importance of a product like Solar Gold is to provide the reflective properties that allow light to bounce back through the transparent topcoat giving off that beautiful Kandy finish.  However, while many metallic gold basecoats can give a similar effect, BC01 Solar Gold is cut in diamond shaped angles allowing light to reflect in many directions.  And while this added effect is only achieved through HOK Paint, it is the durability aspect of the product that most painters do not take into consideration.  House of Kolor paint jobs done properly will outlast the competition by years.  One way this is achieved is by using a full system of products.  Solar Gold Shimrin is made to reflect the suns rays in such a way that is will not overburden the pigments in the candy coat, leading to a long lasting product, and greatly increasing the lifespan of the product.

Reducers: House of Kolor RU310, House of Kolor RU311 or House of Kolor RU312 

Mix Ratio:  2:1