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House of Kolor RU312 Slow Dry Reducer is a high quality solvent recommended for painting in temperatures ranging from 85-95⁰F. This is used for blending bases or Kandys and for very large objects where you need to slow the product down.  It is also recommended for use in very warm & humid conditions, which will help increase flow time and leveling.  As with all House of Kolor products, this line of solvents is the highest quality in the industry and will provide excellent flow out while maintaining outstanding gloss.

Reducers are the most overlooked and underappreciated component of the automotive paint system. Customer often cut down costs by purchasing a cheaper reducer, thinking its purpose is simply to lower the viscosity, or thickness, of paint so it can be sprayed out of a gun.  And, while this is one function of urethane reducers, they are responsible for so much more.  But before we get too technical, let’s start with some basics…

Automotive Reducers, such as House of Kolors Reducers, are a solvent used to make paint flow better so an automotive painter can achieve nice, even coats on the vehicle.  They come in different speeds, depending on the temperature and size of the vehicle.  This is another mistake I often see painters make; thinking reducers are used to speed up or slow down the drying time of the paint.  However, that is not the purpose.  Changing the speed selection of a reducer will allow the paint to dry consistently, not faster or slower.  So, if a particular product has a two hour dry time and it is cold outside, a faster reducer will help it dry within this time frame.  Often, people think choosing a fast reducer in this example will cause the paint to dry faster than two hours, but that is what an accelerator is for, and that’s a topic for another day.  So, to reiterate, reducer speeds allow products to dry consistently, regardless of the changes in temperature of size of the vehicle you are spraying.

And making the right reducer choice is the first step to eliminating a massive amount of potential problems.  Good quality reducers, such as House of Kolor Reducers are designed to ensure good atomization, good flow, as well as good leveling, while at the same time making sure the paint has good adhesion to the previous product.  See, House of Kolor Reducers aren’t a solvent, but rather a blend of solvents.  These are known as front solvents, middle solvents and tail solvents, and each perform an important function in the painting process.  If you are interested in the particular functions of these solvents, or for a more in depth discussion on this topic, See the Custom Paint World Blog.