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House of Kolor Brandywine has been a staple of the custom paint world since its inception in the 1960's.  One look at a finished paint job and you understand why it’s been so popular for so many years.  Not many colors combine the depth of an authentic candy with the elegance of this beautiful deep red. 

But before we go any further, let's address a few questions I get a lot of...

What is a Candy Paint? 

Candy (or Kandy) is a transparent base mixed with a urethane dye.  Doesn't sound like much, but it is in fact this transparency that allows candies to be distinguishable from all other paints on the market.  Automotive paint, even custom paint, is made of grounded pigments that suspend themselves in a resin base.  It's through this suspension that the paint gets its opacity, or body, and the ability to cover a surface.  Candy, on the other hand, uses dyes, which allows the resins to remain transparent. 

Which leads to our second question...

How does candy paint work?

When light shines on a painted surface, it reaches the pigment and reflects the color.  But with candies, the light passes through the topcoat all the way to the ground coat and reflects back out, carrying the reflection of the dye with it. It's the combination of transparency and depth that makes a candy's effect unachievable in any other product. 

Is the ground coat important?

In a Candy paint job, the ground coat, or basecoat, is vitally important to the color outcome.  The color of the foundation, brilliancy of the metallic, even size of the flake can have a drastic effect on the final color. 

Is House of Kolor Brandywine a color or a range of colors?

If you've ever seen a House of Kolor Color Chart, you noticed the amount of options to choose from.  Rest assured though, because whether you choose to go with Brandywine over Orion Silver, or over black, or over the countless other options, the result will be a custom paint job that only authentic House of Kolor products can produce.

Which takes us to our final point...

 How do you spray Candy Paint?

There is a reason shops charge more for a candy paint job than a standard paint job.  For one, candy is sprayed in layers and thus requires more coats, and with more coats comes more time.  Secondly, candy isn't more expensive than other high-quality automotive paint, you just need a lot more of it.  Remember, we need a basecoat, candy coat and a clear coat to get the desired effect.

Something to consider when purchasing custom paint...

You’re not just paying for appearance, but for durability as well

How a car looks out of the booth is important, but how it looks three, five or ten years down the line is just as important.  This is the reason House of Kolor is the industry standard.  Applied properly, it’s hands down the most durable and fade resistant product on the market.