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Kwikure Epoxy Primer is designed to work over properly prepared aluminum, magnesium, fiberglass, galvanized steel, OEM finishes, and some woods and plastics. It's strong adhesion, fast build, and ease of sanding (wet or dry), make it a logical choice for the base of a lasting paint job. It may also be applied to repair areas for fast filling touchups.

In addition, Kwikure Epoxy Primer:
• Features 2 coats that cover 24 P grit scratches, while its 70% solid high-build primer remains extremely flexible
• Is easiest primer available to sand, whether wet or dry
• Works as body filler that can be applied under or over primer

Activator:  KP2CFB - Part B

Reducers:  RU310, RU311 or RU300

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